From an academic perspective, the study of law focuses on applying law to particular problems. Academic discourse therefore impacts upon problems in the real world.

Although the starting point for any business lawyer should first and foremost be the specific problems at hand, any professional legal service requires an adequate level of professional legal education and training.

Due to constant exposure to the current academic discourse in a variety of fields over the past years, we believe that we can ensure our clients a high degree of professionalism:

In both legal exams (1./2. Staatsexamen), Rafael Kuczera ranked in the top of his class. Throughout the last four years of his studies, Rafael Kuczera has been working as a scientific and teaching assistant at the University of Passau’s school of law, Department of Administrative and Constitutional Law. During this time, he was responsible for teaching several Public Law courses, amongst others, focusing on the liability of the government and other public authorities.

In addition to that Rafael Kuczera is currently working on his PhD thesis at the University of Passau, focusing on the field of Civil Law. His thesis deals with the legal implications of Tenancy Law on office/business premises.