About us

Our law firm focuses exclusively on Business Law.

Our core competence lies in providing comprehensive legal advice to medium sized enterprises as well as assisting shareholders in complex matters relating to Business Law, thus covering all issues pertaining to Contract and Company Law. Our law firm serves as the first point of contact for any medium sized companies seeking legal assistance in the fields of Trade Law, Corporate Law, Contract Law, Labour Law, Estate Law as well as the Law of Succession.

Within this framework, the main emphasis continues to be on providing extensive legal expertise within the field of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), advising medium sized companies in all steps of the transaction processes from negotiation to close-out. Other main fields of interest within the focus of our law firm include the acquisition and divestiture of interests as well the reorganisation of companies, covering all issues related to Succession Law.

Our clients demand close attention, comprehensive understanding of complex legal matters as well as cross-functional legal expertise – our top priority is to meet these needs.